Ultimate System (HD)

Indestructible system – the only one in the European market with impact resistance 150 J. It offers exceptional flexibility, which consists of a combination of silicone render with pearl effect and a fibre-reinforced dispersion base coat. The system flexibility combined with unique reinforcement provides unrivalled impact resistance. The bond strength of the adhesive to concrete to substrate is 4 x stronger than required by Guideline For European
Technical Approval of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EWI systems) called ETAG 004 given by European Organisation for Technical Approvals called EOTA.

If two glass fibre meshes are installed, the system can obtain the impact resistance 30 times higher than provided by standard EWI system with one mesh. Due to exceptional properties the system is recommended for areas most exposed to damage such as plinths, wall facing streets, playgrounds, schools and other commercial buildings.