Warm Premium System

Our most economical product. One of the major advantages of this External Wall Insulation system is that it can be pressure-washed. By pressure-washing you can easily and quickly refresh the façade and remove any grime, stains and dirt. It is also safe for the structure of the render. This feature is vital for buildings exposed to dirt, situated in large cities or near industrial areas.

The system provides enhanced resistance to mechanical damage, vibrations and stresses, what make it perfect for virtually any type of building, in particular for single family houses and public utility buildings, schools, social housing, etc. Additional advantages of the system include increased resistance to algae and fungi growth, enhanced flexibility and vapour permeability, which ensures moisture is driven to the exterior.

Soltherm Warm Premium System ensures durable and vivid colours. The system holds BBA certification with EPS, and has a fire classification of B-s1, d0. During the installation process, the WarmPremium system is dual fixed, with adhesive and supplementary mechanical fixings. Soltherm use an independent fire institute laboratory, where we continually test systems in relation to fire.