Warm Safe System

Our WarmSafe EWI system is a non-combustible mineral wool-based system with an A2-s1 fire rating, one of the safest on the market. Our WarmSafe system contains a thin silicone render, to ensure excellent protection and durability. The silicone-based system has a low
absorbency, which protects against penetration of dirt and the destructive chemical substances. The system is designed to ensure optimal vapour permeability and resistance to precipitation and is highly resistant to day to day damage, with an impact resistance of 5 Joules. The system has the ability to perform against a high degree of movement, thermal expansion and contraction.  

The WarmSafe system contains encapsulated biocides, to prevent the growth of algae and mould, without affecting the vapour permeability of the system. At our on-site Research & Development centre, we have our own microbiology laboratory, where we grow and test algae unique to the area of regeneration, which we use to ensure the right resistance of our paints and renders for your project.